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Project support by the European Regional Development Fund through Welsh Government

The purpose of financial assistance is to support and safeguard current and new activities undertaken in the West Wales area. The main reason is expansion of the business in Llanelli.

We continue to undertake same activities and offer volunteering and placement

opportunities together with training and development to those furthest from labour market. Our new warehouse is used as collection point for collecting clothes, bags, shoes, bric a brac and books directly from the public but also as storage space for collected items from local charity shops. We already offer our full recycling collection service to 15 charity shops in the Pembrokshire area. This stock is delivered to Llanelli on a daily basis. Because we do not have a warehouse location in the that area we need all purchased goods from charity shops in Pembrokeshire to be delivered in our unit in Llanelli. Inevitably this creates additional cost of transport for those goods. The transport cost will decrease with the rental of our new warehouse. The location is serviced by one full time driver and sorter. The warehouse can also be used as collection point for public to donate or sell their goods to us. After undertaking some research it was noted that here are no any companies that act as second hand merchants in this way.

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