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Choose2Reuse CIC, we're on a mission to champion sustainability and recycling practices in Wales.

Our focus is simple: Reduce waste, promote reuse and repurpose, and empower our local communities.

We take immense pride in our current recycling capacity and infastructure, already diverting 1000's of tonnes of unwanted items from landfill each year. Our years of experience greatly enhances our ability to process these goods into various reuse and

recycling streams, cutting GHG's produced by landfills, dissuading fly tipping and ultimately moving toward a greener Wales.

Choose2Reuse values our strong bonds with charities, local organizations, schools, and residents. Together, we're fostering recycling awareness, fundraising, education and creativity, and shaping a sustainable future for our upcoming generations.

Our dedication extends to supporting Welsh councils and local authorities in meeting their recycling targets. By diverting waste from landfills and advocating the circular economy, we actively aid councils in reaching their sustainability objectives. If you would like to add our recycling figures to your LA reports, we are happy to work together.

If you share our passion for recycling, sustainability, and community empowerment, then let's connect, collaborate and lead the way for Wales.

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