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Collecting from charity


Did you know we provide a complete recycling collection service to Charities?

Choose2Reuse is a non-profit organisation, we recognize the pressures facing charities in the current economic climate and the importance of generating additional funds to support charitable activities. With many years of experience in diverting unwanted items from landfill, we specialise in extensive textile recycling. We have a number of different recycling schemes
that can be tailored to meet the requirements of your organization.

Cash 4 clothes collection

Choose2Reuse has established comprehensive working relationship with many charities across Wales, truly understanding their needs and assisting them with their textile recycling programmes. Our schemes have been proven to increase charitable donations and generate additional funds while at the same time diverting reusable textiles away from landfill.

By becoming a Choose2Reuse Charity Partner your organisation will benefit from an industry leading textile recycling service that helps divert textile waste from landfill and facilitates its reuse. This will not only help you generate additional funds for your cause but also help you to reduce your environmental impact.

With many years of experience in the field of reuse and recycling, Choose2Reuse can provide you a one-off collection or a regular scheduled collection of clothing, shoes, bags, bric a brac, toys, infant accessories, sports accessories, bedding, books etc.

Furthermore, if you have an available site/piece of land, we can offer you a textile recycling bank. Our recycling banks are coloured, branded, and delivered as requested and are then emptied on a regular basis. Collections are carried out by our trained, polite and CRB checked staff. Once collected, all goods are sorted and graded at our Llanelli depot before being distributed to our extensive distribution network for reuse.

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