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Did you know we can help your school to raise funds?

The Choose2Reuse fundraising program, ECO SCHOOLS, helps schools raise money by recycling textiles, shoes, bags, bric-a-brac, toys, bedding, books, and other unwanted items.

What we can offer:
- One-time collection
- Regular scheduled collection
- A clothing bin suitable for use inside a school
- A textile bank suitable for the school yard

fundraising for schools
Clothes collection bank

Clothing bin

We have a cost-free solution for those schools struggling to find space for a textile banks. Our clothing bins are designed for indoor use and are ideal for classrooms, reception areas and other spaces that are accessible to pupils, staff and visitors.
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Textile banks

If you decide to opt for long-term textile recycling at your school, the textile bank is the best option. For schools, this is a free program that encourages them to actively participate in the reuse of clothes, as well as illustrating the principals of becoming positive contributors to a global circular economy.
Our textile banks are also excellent way to raise money for your school and its activities, contributing to learning about value and money.
It will be the responsibility of our kind, trained, and CRB-checked staff to empty the textile banks on a regular basis. Please click to find out more.

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