Choose2Reuse CIC started in 2015 by Tanya Igic and Tony Homes with the aim of have a real impact within the local community reusing and recycling some of the UK’s 40 million tons of waste produced annually. 

Today the business has developed having expanded our operations into a 5,500 sq.ft warehouse in Llanelli and established several cash for clothes collection points across South & West Wales. 

We’ve increased our team dramatically employing numerous disadvantaged members of society bringing them back into work. In 2018 alone we have recycled some 840 tons of unwanted good’s saving them from landfill and giving them a new lease of life. 

Our work here not only helps protect the environment but provides significant cost savings to local authorities, it is estimated that per ton of waste produced it costs an average of £119* to dispose. 

All our decisions are made with our 3 core values at heart:

-    To reduce the UK’s requirement on landfill, providing a community service focused on reducing and reusing unwanted goods. 

-    To educate the local community on the ways in which value can be created but once unloved and it’s benefits to the environment 

-    To provide a caring and inclusive working environment for people the furthers away from the job market.

So what’s next? At Choose2Reuse we aim follow up our rapid growth to become one of the UK’s major recyclers, providing a central location in which community’s can truly get involved. A location which increases up-cycling, where people can come and engage, and ultimately reduce landfill. 

If you would like to help us achieve this aim please get in touch with us about our volunteering opportunity’s.